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StatLink® Launches Med DataLinkTM 2.0
Medical data management system features expanded capabilities for telemedicine application

Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 26, 2011

Memphis-based process management technology company StatLink Systems® today announced the launch of an upgrade to Med DataLinkTM, its medical data management software system.

Med DataLink, an industry leader in telemedicine services, has several hundred thousand electronic medical records in its database. The recently launched 2.0 version features many new and enhanced components for the technology's current and new customers. These include new scheduling features, resource allocation programs, data management, data mining for business analysis and digital archiving services.

In addition, this program contains the new WebShareTM, one of the world's premier online physician supervision and consultative connectivity packages that is simultaneously HIPAA-compliant, real-time and remote in nature. WebShare includes streaming audio, video, text and large file transfer capabilities in a form that meets Department of Defense security requirements.

"After almost three years in development, Med DataLink 2.0 provides an unparalleled system for our customers, who include physicians, hospitals, surgeons, clinics, technical companies and interpretive services," said Dana Capocaccia, president and CEO of StatLink. "Clinicians who used our first generation Med DataLink system, and even those who have used other process management software in the past, will recognize immediately how our new software's integrated functionalities work together seamlessly."

Current Med DataLink users will be updated to the new version throughout the next few months with full transition completed by the end of this year. Existing records from the earlier version of Med DataLink will be accessible from the new software, so customers will have a seamless platform to access archived records. Customers also will be contacted for free training sessions on the new software beginning this month.

"We understand that our clients have many other demands for their practices," Capocaccia said. "We want to ensure that Med DataLink 2.0, as well as the transition for our existing clients, helps make data management processes as easy as possible."

For more information about Med DataLink 2.0 or StatLink, call 888-283-5023, ext. 5860, or email

About StatLink

Established in 2006, StatLink® Systems is an information management platform company that assists professionals in various industries by digitally streamlining daily workflow, including monitoring, supervising, billing and archiving data. With offices in Memphis, Tenn., and Dallas and Houston, Texas, StatLink's flagship software package, Med DataLinkTM 2.0, is the fastest growing medical data management platform available and is on the leading edge of the telemedicine industry. With customizable software platforms for virtually any industry, including medical, legal and education, StatLink's InfoCentralTM, WebShareTM and DocVaultTM allow for real-time remote communication, digital document processing and archiving of data at anytime and anywhere. For more information, call 888-283-5023, ext. 5860 or visit

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