Med DataLink

Build your business with the best tools available.

Med DataLink tools help you eliminate downtime and work more efficiently. All of our scheduling, reporting, and billing features work together seamlessly — which means you can schedule, perform, monitor, or interpret more procedures in less time.

And the software is scalable - so as your business grows, Med DataLink will grow right along with you. From a single-physician practice to full teams of technicians, you can create as many user profiles as you need — each with unique permissions and access.

Learn more about the Med DataLink tools.

InfoCentral MD | Patient database, calendar, and financial center

InfoCentral MD

Powerful database manager with messaging, calendar, and billing.

WebShare | Remote IOM and filesharing


Real-time intraoperative monitoring, chat, and file sharing.

DocVault MD | Digital file archive and document conversion

DocVault MD

Digital file archive and document conversion.

Did we mention? Med DataLink can be packaged to fit your needs. So choose the tools you want, and only pay for what you use. Contact us to learn more about pricing and contract terms. Once we understand what you need, you'll be up and running by the end of the day.