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Bring your files into the digital age.

Warehousing old paper files isn't your only option when it comes to saving and storing patient records. The DocVault MD tool can literally save you thousands of dollars by skipping the file cabinet and going straight to our secure servers. We've seen some companies lose as much as $250,000 a year on storage space and full-time archive employees alone. Need cheaper, safer, and easier archiving? You should be in touch with us already.

Archive management
DocVault MD | Archive and access old files instantly

Store, search, and sort old patient files and forms with the same ease and control as our standard InfoCentral MD tool. Legal regulations require these files to be accessible for years - so make it easy on yourself and archive your data automatically.

Conversion and indexing
DocVault MD | Digitize and store paper files

We'll take your warehouse full of file cabinets, digitally scan and index each document, and store them on the same secure servers as current Med DataLink information. So you get fully accessible records, safe from damage and theft.